We see a gap in the education community to represent those people in the ‘elearning coordinator type’ roles to have a space and a voice. We intend to fill that with the #eNoobs.
To us at Learn E-nabling, the elearning roles are increasing popular and strategic appointments in schools. They often have unique views of technology integration, changes in pedagogy and get to implement strategies to make these happen. #eNoobs such as us, are not the main power holders. We cannot direct changes as a principal could, for example. However, we are in a unique position in most cases, to get an overview of whole school, to influence comprehensive change and to see things happening in a wide selection of subject areas/disciplines.
All of this leads us to believe that the #eNoobs can offer a fantastic service for the greater edu community, (elearning coordinators and everyone else). We are an international, cross sector but relatively small group, initially, of ‘elearning coordinator type’ position holders. We will provide blog posts about our roles, what we do, how we do things, why we do things in certain ways. We will offer insight into our influences, educational theory, research, practice we are following and adapting. We will share our goals, offer opinion on these sorts of positions in schools and future predictions for elearning involvement in education.
Everyone involved with Learn E-nabling welcomes the feedback of all involved in the education community and your input is essential. Our shared expertise and your shared expertise can only enhance education practice.


You can read about us individually and watch our video selfies on the Biographies page