Introducing the #eNoobs from Learn E-nabling:

Nick-selfieNick Jackson resides in Adelaide, Australia. He is a passionate educator committed to developing education practice and sharing experiences with educators across the world. He has worked for many years in education and in secondary, primary, further, higher education and special needs. Nick is on Twitter as @largerama. He has his own blog and runs OzDLs. Watch Nick’s video selfie.



Matt Esterman teaches History at secondary school (7-12) in Sydney Australia as well as being the eLearning Coordinator. He love connecting people with new ideas, processes and networks. He is also keen to use technology to enhance and support effective learning wherever and whenever appropriate and valuable. Matt is on Twitter as @mesterman. He has his own blog and is heavily involved in TeachMeet Australia. Watch Matt’s video selfie.


Urvi Shah is an experienced educator and lifelong learner. She is currently the Director of Educational Technology and Innovation in the Washington, DC area. She has worked as a Middle School teacher as well as a whole school Technology Teaching and Learning Coordinator. She is passionate about edtech, robotics, andragogy and learning through constructionism. Outside of work, she’s a big fan of LEGO, loves reading and exploring the great outdoors. Urvi is on Twitter as @urvshah and blogs. Watch Urvi’s video selfie.


Steve Brophy is in Melbourne, Australia. He has spent over 15 years in education and the last two years as an eLearning Coordinator. His vision is to make his role obsolete- “If I have done my job correctly, all staff will be equipped with the capacity to use technology to transform the teaching and learning in their classrooms and there would be no need for my position.” Steve is on Twitter as @stevebrophy3. He has his own blog. Watch Steve’s video selfie.


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  1. Great set of articles and information on your site here. Well done. Now I not only know you are on Twitter, I know where to find more information! Thanks.

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