What is our Mission?


As a teacher, parent, student, administrator or eNoob, what do you think the eNoob mission is or should be? Is our mission worked on independently or with others?

I believe our mission is to inspire and/or lead innovation and effective uses of educational technology. This blunt mission is made complex and (what I perceive to be) comprehensive by looking at the intersection of inspiring and leading.



The intersection creates varying degrees of modelling and collaborating, which also speaks to the varying degrees of working independently and with others.


Some situations would call for a greater need to inspire and other situations would call for a greater need to lead. A need to inspire innovation may involve greater modeling and therefore less collaboration. A need to lead innovation (or change related to edtech) may involve both collaborating and modeling. Using the chart below, let me try to explain an example of an eNoob initiative: implementing and rolling out Google Apps for Education in K-12 school. In my case, I am seeing this as an example of leading innovation/change. I would look at the “lead” column and circle 2 for “model” and 1 for “collaborate” to try to achieve a successful roll out.

Inspire + Lead
Model 1 / 2
Collaborate 1 / 2

I see all situations in which I work in within this combination of inspiring and leading which can be accomplished through a combination of modeling and collaborating. To evaluate my definition of the eNoob mission, I am asking you to try to apply a few of your work scenarios to this chart. In doing so, do you feel these four verbs comprehensively describe your mission and how your accomplish it? Are there other crucial verbs missing and if so, what would they be?

My aim in developing a visual mission is to help myself and others on my team to see their work through these lenses in order to better prepare, evaluate and reflect on their practice. My hope in doing this exercise is to better help create common language around our mission and to help each other create successful innovations and effective edtech practice.


Feature image by https://www.flickr.com/photos/infomastern/14519782386/


3 thoughts on “What is our Mission?

  1. Great post Urvi, I really like the idea of a visual mission and I think the simplicity is it’s power. Is this something that is utilised by other teams or faculties in your school? I think that enabling as a verb has a place somewhere in the model. Our mission is to enable through inspiration and leadership. Enabling for me is the action element that arises when staff are lead well and inspired. When mapping out an initiative, do you use this model to step out your process or is it a visual reminder along the way?

  2. Steve, thanks for the comment and insight. I agree, enabling faculty and students is a key part of our jobs. My team often argues as to whether we “enable” or “empower”. I developed this visual mission since I have been training a new eNoob for the past few months and have been forced to distill our trade to something simple and easy to comprehend. For non-eNoobs or new eNoobs, I find this concrete visual helps to break down our job and to analyze situations through a framework.

    Nick, thank you for your blog post and diagram! I cannot agree more with your modified diagram. I believe that trust and communication are catalysts for leading and inspiring. I have often seen great success (or failure) of edtech initiatives simply based on the level of trust and type of communication that occurs. Your adjusted model would help new eNoobs to develop the tools they need to succeed in various roll outs or initiatives.

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