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Death, Life and the time in between

Steps and shadows

For me, recently, a week started with a suicide. Had I turned just a little further when getting out of my car… had I looked all the way across the shared car park to where there are some storage units for the […]

So, what is the plan?

Recent British political (the Brexit vote) and, arguably, sporting events (Leicester City winning the English Premiership), show us some really important things: Change and ‘the unexpected’ can and does occur. Both of these were not flukes. Leicester did not just […]

Always on

We are all guilty of it.  Head down buried in a phone while another life moment passes us by or distracted by the buzz of our phone in our pockets or on a table during a conversation.  This post is […]

With open arms comes hard work

In a week or so where a lot of discussion has been dominated by a certain Sydney Principal telling us all how the best thing he has done at his school is to ban technology and how all this technology […]

Why Aorere College went Chromebook


This latest blog post sees Stuart Kelly (@stuartkellynz) gives us his perspectives on a whole school move to Chromebooks. Very much in contrast to Urvi’s last post, this gives a lot of food for thought: In being asked why my […]

Device Agnostic


Most schools that are 1:1 are stuck on the idea of buying all their devices as one brand. For example, schools tend to buy all Lenovo laptops or all MacBooks etc. Let’s look at the reasons why this happens: buying […]

Out of the comfort zone


It’s that time of year again. The time when the whirlwind of activity happening around us threatens to take away the last little bit of sanity that we have left. Christmas concerts, report writing, school fairs, graduation ceremonies, end of […]

#eNoobs in the classroom


I was lucky enough to go to the 2015 ISTE Conference in Philadelphia and, along with 20,000 others, experience the overwhelming size and breadth of professional learning and networking that entails. Dozens of concurrent workshops, scores of meetups and poster […]

Digital Watering Holes


In 1997, David Thornburg wrote an article “Campfires in Cyberspace” which used primordial learning metaphors as a guide for the development of rich learning communities for the future.  The metaphors were as follows: Campfires – a place to gather for […]