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The Vision, the Story, the Action


I recently read The Need for Vision in Schools, a blog post by @gregmiller68. The post resonates well with me but it is the final statement “and then ACTION it!” that is the vital component. This is also highlighted in […]

Can we all be leaders?

If you’re reading this post, the likelihood is you use social media to support, even drive, your professional development. Perhaps you blog? Tweet? If so, you may have subscribers or followers. My question then is, does that make you a […]

What is our Mission?

As a teacher, parent, student, administrator or eNoob, what do you think the eNoob mission is or should be? Is our mission worked on independently or with others? I believe our mission is to inspire and/or lead innovation and effective […]

The cart before the horses

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It’s a popular phrase. “We shouldn’t let the cart go before the horses.” To most people, I think it means that we should let planned, thoughtful action happen before letting – in our case – technology join the movement. To […]

Having the right conversation

The rise of #edtech as outlined by both Nick & Urvi in their previous blog posts is without doubt. This rapid rise has led schools to develop the #enoob position (in all it’s myriad formats) to assist with the effective […]

The Evolving Role of Technology in Schools


Over the past 20 years, technology in schools has gone through great evolutionary change. The evolution of technology in schools is just that; it’s a constant evolution of growth and change. I believe there are three main highly interwoven layers […]

The Rise of the #eNoobs: 3 key questions


Who are we? You have probably noticed that use and access to digital technology has rapidly advanced in the last fifteen or so years. It’s hard to ignore that in this time frame, the size and shape; the role of […]